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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 16, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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there was an accident the rest of the 7 freeway is starting to get heavy now hist your ride to the cemetery ridge is jammed up just before subaquatic 2226 minutes. trip out of hayward over to sam taylor.
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>> reporter: the texas hospital with the ebola patient died a hospital is apologetic for mistakes made when it first took the dog into the hospital and then sent him home will send home even after he had fever and told them he was from liberia. >> reporter: to health-care
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workers toward taking into the care of him clean up by the increase since
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>> reporter: 50 ebola outbreak continues to grow it could be a major food crisis in africa. >> reporter: it can down load the mobile application for free to develop the story we're following ride out the search is on for ever shot a 12 year-old boy and they play. >> reporter: the boy was outside the apartment complex she
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believed was with the family and did not have a suspect or a model. it happened on caught last night a lot of people were still up multiple witnesses said they heard gunshots and possibly a car leaving the never would. at this point we don't know the condition we do know that was bad enough for dissent and a helicopter and airlift him to children's hospital in oakland. with this condition it shows detective to one of the best hospital where he could be treated. >> reporter: and only heard shots and then a lady screamed and then a man screamed a little kid was crying as well. a put
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multiple phone calls and they were handling the people i spoke to was only a few minutes to this with a gold is the blood the helicopters and investigators were out here for several our telephony best hitters all will pass the message or information along to you they're still at police searching for leads one sure shooters. in case of no motive yet. >> reporter: the giants could do it tonight with the wind against the cardinals again set this is allowed one win away with three
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chances to get it. and then will go on to the world series. giants baseball. it was a when is symbolized giants baseball.
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i am totally in sight this is excited >> reporter: their ruska little
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trouble there was a fight outside of the game the to see the police are clearing their yearbook of the fight made several arrests in was giants were to carnal santa got into a scuffle lowell sears the hurt. there are five arrests made. >> reporter: apple making a big announcement today with information that was leaked already on line will have details. this week is the 25th anniversary of the big earthquake will have more on the disaster and the cypress freeway collapsed. the dow got down another hundred and 22 blue have more.
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>> reporter: welcome back to kron 4 morning mills where trapping slow ride here to the san mateo bridge and the westbound direction just before 7:00. >> reporter: after the dow was
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down for more than 60 points in the rebound at a hundred and 73 his ally of the outside we have through camera showing a really nice for class letter on today.
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we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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>> reporter: we're back talking about what they hear his what it looks like outside. some sunshine you can see the effects of lax beautiful orange and gold in the sky. will get a little bit more sunshine this afternoon. vsel in the mid '50s the bay area. a little warmer than san francisco it will be chilly in the north bay. the wet
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weather is a fine we're just getting the files--clouds reporter were looking for 73 at antioch and is at livermore that will be as warm as it gets in the state is a valid. --east bay valley we every falls on sunday and then rain will return on monday.
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>>: reporter the meeting lights are being slowed here at the bay bridge drive times over 30 man is now out of the macarthur maze. 22 minutes out of hayward loaded a red one of about a southbound a little fault of their. --alfog tracking the traffic maps the trip to the san
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ramon valley not bad 2 05 sl holding a lot of traffic. such a freeway are having the guadalupe parkway is the back of because of the accident. >>: reporter high school is open at the is a lot down because of suspicious possibly armed person. some students were taken to office to be released to the appearance of us were released directly from campus.
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cities are still working hard to prepare for the next major quake because they did devastation and oakland during the evening and change the landscape and that's our sound. really compare for a massive disaster. along the wall a res 15 seconds as the mind of the summertime for the deadly quake to bring down the upper deck
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taken the lives of 42 people. >> reporter: practice ways to react in case a big earthquake hit by the cement californians are expected to state in this shakeout. a healthy mothers in response to repair another 59 people in other states and nations are also participating. >> reporter: is seen babies rock and on and black. ambulances to put the giants and not support the game for them to my soul they lose will be back with more news weather and traffic on the
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way back from a brick. --ric brk
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californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46.
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>> reporter: we showed you the cost of problems of illegal dumping in oakland. for them
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responded >> stanley: has allowed the people running for office one to the question what is your solution to end illegal dumping in oakland? my solution is to make should we force a lot of have made of a free will to make them take their things to the dump and then find them if they are caught dumping a limit should we keep an accurate data is to have an intolerable government told
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city all accountable is about, leadership. homelessness illegal haulers were supposed to pick up the dump i will implement the power
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that is already in place >> stanley: one person who did not show up as the mayor appointing is on right outside of her office in oakland stanley roberts kron 4 mills. the bus is a lot going to be running for the golden gate bridge for the was strike coming up with their possible victim and the sexual assault investigation of the seven haven't actor who have the latest details on that.
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>> reporter: will have a life all this again is the low on through. tomorrow my rain returns.
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>> reporter: traffic is backed now solidly. the last lap died time was 36 minutes come from highway 24 things are really getting slow here. the san mateo bridge is not much better now 26 minutes at the drive time minutes speaking of one won the
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golden gate bridge is heavy in the southbound direction and getting into the marin very slow on the freeway from hercules to berkeley right now 28 minutes to jam up through the real path. from was found for. >> reporter: the core of you for 238 to 237 and 101 about a gym guadalupe is jam from 85 of the 28085 are ready heavy from the all mountain valley.
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golden gate transit buses are running today but the big question for commuters are will they be running out tomorrow. the union that is as to going to strike them represent the servicers dispatchers and mechanics. the union that represents the bus drivers has
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said if they go on strike that will not-test they will affect alicia down the bus systems the commuters are workers to win a lot of sympathy is a last resort for us we are trying to fight for standards at the the entire bay area health care and keep of the cost of living. our hope is if we do when those for may will include everyone else's standards as well. even as a one day strike is a
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huge inconvenience for writers i talk to a few of them and they are not happy the good news is that our negotiations that are planned at 9:00 a.m. this morning at the district office the day to hammer out an agreement that the working on this context of july 1st the union side that they're not willing to pay as much as the district also to thank out is the mark at one needs to be on standby. out looking for on to be left the defaulter way to get work. >> darya: take a look at beefalos we're about to show you. he in a properly touched
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two different girls and two different locations. target and wal-mart. hit the digest and black who preyed on young girl under the age of 10 and at wal- mart first letter was with her mother and another girl the separated there were in a different eye when the man chemlawn and and for really touch one of them she screamed and the man took off in the last 15 minutes later about a mile away at the target the same guy into in the store and he strikes again. he came to the store there was a mother and a young daughter inside the store that were shopping at the time was again the to the instead of looking at two different things in two different locations to was approached by the same man a further bill surveillance a graphic as well as a sexual manner. >> reporter: the girl's mother
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confronted the guy but he took off police believe he works and resell the delicate into the possibility that he is a registered sex offender. >> reporter: mussing leaders on a press conference talk about ebola prepared this. this is what are necessary to us all the time to implement educate practice implement educate practice i honestly we have to communicate in order that all this. was it mean? infixes control for all
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stipulate is not a cookie cutters solution every facility has its unique needs every facility has to have an effective control for the call in place all nurses and health care has to have training at a recent and appropriate not training continues to go training that is up to the new standards for the new protocol. >> reporter: we're dealing with
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the very latest in the ebola and the united states and will have more on that as it develops. the dow is down 6% less than a month.
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>> reporter: one of the hot spot we are tracking is the bay bridge ride. remember you can
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get trapped in a time and take it with you with the kron 4 mobile application. >> reporter: and is good penna has died at age of 55. -- elizabeth pena she also appeared on tv shows she is survived by her husband and two children mother and sister will be back with more news weather and traffic in the world according to gary coming up after
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hey sweetie.
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okay, i'll send it. one hundred seventy-two dollars for a chemistry book. just use citi popmoney. boom. with citi popmoney it's easy to send money to just about anyone, anytime. visit your local branch or to learn more. >> reporter: comments. --calm wins may succeed in san francisco is take a look at the
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wider perspective. mostly low 7 is for the south bay. of the six is along the shore
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>> reporter: taffetas at a standstill to macarthur maze. 2226 and 28 minutes down to san mateo. tracking the commute down to the east bay drive time is over 30 minutes. the backed up from park the maze and highway 24. the corridor ride is already
7:48 am
27 minutes now. >> cheers & applause >> darya: just one win away from the world series and is another wild one. did he get cases of six games.
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that scored at 10 runs without a head in this series. 10 a runs without a hit. i'd rather be lucky than good. he misplayed them both and that was the game. that the little
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>> reporter: after a wild ride for investors is to them apple was some big announcements this morning that looks like the war already late yesterday
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it is made its world debut he the first musician to move the tech hardware arena system coming up and i said before out to you all about that is that full-featured.
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>> reporter: the picture is
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getting better and better year for the golden gate bridge. beautiful look on the bridge they're nice one. this talk about the forecast today. a lot of fifties in that is what we are seeing right now. no time to get some clear and temperatures. my three in the afternoon will turn that to low to mid 70's. >> reporter: looking at a really slow traffic the second day in
8:02 am
the role of law the bay area. guy sounds are 36 minutes out of the macarthur maze. it means that 2226 and 28 minute drive times. the golden gate bridge is still a problem free. richard to the wrist and bridget backed up all the with the toll plaza. looking at a 38 minute commute time from hercules the berkeley .
8:03 am
before the search is on full ever shot tokyo boy--12 year-old boy >> reporter: we heard a least four shots this happened around 9:00 last night a lot of people heard the shots or look outside immediately and saw the helicopter a riding to the scene and helicopter was needed because he was in poor shape yet to and listen to the children's hospital in oakland. the boy
8:04 am
has identity has not been released. very friendly we get a chance to talk to one of his friends. the leaded not on our door and said he got shot so everybody ran outside and he was bland money tree shot in his back and is a lot police it was really crazy. he was alive when he was airlifted to children's hospital multiple phone calls and the investigators wrote with severe back from them for a description for the suspect
8:05 am
there nomo's i'm shooting. >> reporter: within the last hour with another possible ebola case in connecticut a hostile a conn is evaluating a patient who has ebola like symptoms. apostle ebola case to be isolated in spain a passenger on board the plane reported having a fever and chills and a passenger was traveling from nigeria. the plane has been isolated in a special area federal health officials president president obama has directed his administration are able to
8:06 am
handle the disease. the hospital is the tallest a mistake it made when confronted with ebola they're not admitting they mishandled thomas the evidence case. he was the release and home after he had a fever after he told the news from liberia. >> reporter: the federal health officials cleared her to fly to from cleveland to is being treated at emory university. a
8:07 am
special section all our website for ebola about how it's spread it was supposed to look for and how it can be handled here in the bay area you can download the application for free rubble to kron 4 at cannes. --kron 4 act is very unusual that happened
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most people never would have seen it (audio)
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there's no real big surprises there are there? (audio)
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>> reporter: will be back in a moment. man en iot sngle itas sething awf.
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>> reporter: >> report we have n coming through as it had deeper and deeper into the bay. santa
8:17 am
rosa is still chilliest 48 there. tenders will be on the mall site this afternoon the wet
8:18 am
weather returns friday night into saturday and appalled momentarily on sunday in their return next week. >> reporter: a new one this morning is in san francisco out hot spot a motorcycle accident was is just out of the 28101 interchange is slowing the rise in both directions. the northbound ride is backed up into san ramon the right hand up to the candlestick and west attracting plenty of slowing for the east shore freeway. his genotype tried to get down to all the creek. from livermore to
8:19 am
dublin its low on 680 southbound as well. >> reporter: 32 minute drive times out to cupertino. the one will commit to more than from a bottle to the golden gate bridge. san mateo bridge is jam from and to end. the committed to the golden gate bridge heading into the toll plaza. >> darya: a recent high school is open at the yes a lot down
8:20 am
because a report of a possible suspicious armed person after searching the campus no one was found in all the kids were safe summer second to another school district to release to their parents and others were released directly from campus. >> reporter: this week marks 25 years from the big earthquake in 1989. the earthquake devastated major structures in oakland and is trying the cypress freeway. that change the landscape of that town for ever. there are some people from the d.a.'s office that died at the result of that there's footage to solve phylon the structure to get those who are injured and dead. you're trained to kill prime in things that happened at the moment you're not prepared
8:21 am
for a natural disaster. >> reporter: at the corner of 14th. the wall read 15 seconds the to shut my time that the deadly quake took to the straight and killed 42 people. >> reporter: will be at 1016 this morning were the 10 million californians is a full-scale exercise 4% to 6.7 or greater quake to prepare yourself. >> reporter: pictures are going by row this man caslon dressed in a shirt and pants walking
8:22 am
with the ebola patient and a bunch of men with contamination has that suits on. and what axle is he is he safe such a media has dubbed him the clipboard man. as of this morning he still remains unidentified. people are definitely expecting. >> darya: it could be a big headache for goethe did commit a small as transit workers are set for a strike. the latest on big white being recalled how could make a child sick-baby wipes will be right back with traffic
8:23 am
and weather.
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to stop using them immediately returned to the store. they're searching for a man who sexually assaulted a girl will have detailed we come back. ♪
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renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. >> reporter: your waking up to a lot of sunshine today. we're
8:30 am
looking for about 60 degrees and keep your pictures coming and great saxhorns and black we're having fun looking at them. >> reporter: we are tracking a really rough ride that is sure freeway is back up all the way to amaze. not want to 80 is backed all the way to 19th avenue. that not about that the breach is doubt you extremely
8:31 am
heavy coming out of daly city. i mention that e stressfree which is solid now from highway 4 to hear 580 was down to get to cart the maze. --the card the maz >> reporter: your right to the rich member it is still a damn the to the toll plaza. >> reporter: much that is where are the picket line workers that plan and when the strike if pocketful >> reporter: commuters and
8:32 am
writers for the golden gate transit buses will they be running to more bad of the labor coalition with 13 unions for the 50 members court in the golden gate transit district has called for it when they strike. the bus services in the dispatches and the mechanics will be less damaging in said if they strike and they will shut down the entire all day to all 22,000 people use the bus every day sale will be a real issue for them if they had no bus service added chance to talk to the rep early this morning the city
8:33 am
understand what a means it will be for writers with this is what they have to do. since we do the backed in which is getting the buses all rolled with expected no bus service will be running. amid a lack of find a way to get to work or you get a three day weekend we need assurance that home to your san jose if they come to an agreement today if they
8:34 am
don't we will walk out the bus jarvis say they will not cross the line >> reporter: the man in black the slices of him going into a wal-mart ready touched a year and a properly in she was there with her mother she was lucky in a different i'll he went up to the girl touched her and then she took off after she strained. >> reporter: he went to a target store and then struck another again. there was a mother and young daughter shopping at the time in the store was again the to the split up looking for two different aisles approached the same man according to the
8:35 am
surveillance he clapped as well in a sexual manner. >> darya: he confronted the guy the guy took off he may be a lesser sex offender. >> reporter: the doubt now for - six. the on the close about 17 we are keeping a close eye on next net flick's shares. dropping 23%. >> darya: cestuses go now one when away from one of the world series san francisco beat the
8:36 am
cardinals last night. >> reporter: with us in a lot of giants fans . with a win tonight they go to the world series. they wanted his eyes did done tonight in front of the home crowd.
8:37 am
if the giants win tonight it will mark the third when to the world series within a five-year time span. >> reporter: there was a fight at at&t park the place was present they could treat the root of the fight made several arrest the two groups the giant incurred a fan that got into a scuffle no was scarcely heard five arrests were made. will have more on the acting
8:38 am
incited states killed cup semi tech report i would say you all about the new device that is at full features.
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>> reporter: drive times just a little 30 minutes. the to get trapped in a sign the kron 4 mobile application >> reporter: babies with the giants again we love all your totals to have more with a fork
8:42 am
as coming up next.
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♪ yore uacki alread? yeah.helpe fi sommugs su. ♪ [ beep ] he ay. hesel do eah. [ le aounc ] we up tohe mntaigrowarom folrs. ♪ t bespartf wan' u , whe doou wanto stt? i thk th isa prty gd ple. is lgerin yr cu♪ >> reporter: they're stocking up on food and supplies
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8:46 am
the upper 60s along the shore there is your seventh day around bay forecasts.
8:47 am
>> reporter: the bay bridge is
8:48 am
the backed up into the maze were still looking at 22 and 26 minute drive. the left lanes are still backed up. >> reporter: pays the first musician to move into the tech arena. p u l as it's a war risk
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> reporter: the dow was at 17,00279 less than a month ago. 23 percent some good news showing a number of unemployed people looking for aid that took this low level in 14 years. companies are cutting fewer workers and hiring is
8:51 am
>> darya: the poorest of the casing will be traded on the vice is near the area today you'll be able to hit the ice save button and lb said that in a news the to all your friends and family. chrysler recall is expecting more than 900,000 cars and suvs. question 300-charges challenges the gringos in patriots can fail causing and this is all unexpectedly. will
8:52 am
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>> reporter: he grew up in kansas city is celebrating the
8:56 am
royals are going to the world series the first time in 29 years. he you somebody else's phone is keeping other fan safe. coming
8:57 am
up in the next hour a police looking for was a response will for shooting a 12 year old who have details and a live report coming up. ...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show.
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>> reporter: 20 and son sann as we are taking a live look at walnut creek. fat-free dressing clear conditions we have some cause of the bay area below normal and direction of blue skies and sunshine to mergers in the '60s and '70s as we had to the afternoon. let's talk about life rain to get into the north bank that's best nor the bay first timid as well one of the get a bed and into the weekend.
9:01 am
the line >> reporter: at le mai is turning a very slow ride this morning to the east shore for a wide for one minute drive times. >> reporter: second then wrote --row jim and what's wrong direction insoles the lineup on 280 is a low stock will sell.
9:02 am
the bay bridge is that the into the macarthur made. let's look at the to the drive times the cemetery ridge is no picnic. >> reporter: a possible case in connecticut for ebola. that patient is admitted into the hospital last night. he was shot to pull nigeria and he was hospitalized rabin fever and chills. >> reporter: (audio)
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>> reporter: all the questions
9:08 am
they have the death rate has increased the search is on for ever shot a 12 year-old boy >> reporter: he is in hospital fighting for his life we have learned that he was hit and most will organs the dr. ruth has been in contact with the family members his father and mother at a hospital
9:09 am
and know why somebody out there would do something like this to is what your child to my grandson. i hope that you have some type remorse for what you have done. and come forward and the new is a mother as a grandmother he is a wonderful child. he had a hard time in
9:10 am
school but he tried so hard and he had been through so much. unfortunately somebody decided to make the wrong choice and gunned him down the way they did the and do an act so cowardly and i just hope you can live with that. he was in surgery when i left the far as i know that i to stabilize them. he is still iffy at this point. she also ever
9:11 am
shot him turns themselves again. will be right back as kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> reporter: that arrested this man in connection with the kidnapping of a 14 year-old girl and oregon. police were acting on a tip from sale of the lease and found him he is being held in jail >> reporter: we have been delays
9:17 am
now the bridges are still badly back of the bay bridge and a part the maze of the westbound ride. the golden gate bridge is a problem for you but golden gate bridge to the answers are slowly started to climb. >> reporter: santa rosa was an
9:18 am
upper 40's we are anticipating a lot more sunshine but let's talk about images on the call side. sunny skies low to upper 60s downtown san francisco the for- 64. 70 over in oakland. if you're heading to the giants game closely with the heading back to world series first pitch is that 5 07. low 60s by tied the game starts here's a look
9:19 am
at the seven a round of a forecast could bring the to have an inch of showers. >> reporter: in this light rain is back in the forecast however early next week. the the umbrellas handy as we enter the middle of next week. >> reporter: down to the 425%. the stock has had a great 52 weeks. basically what happened with net tricks is ty'here
9:20 am
getting into an international market. they raise their rates about a dollar that only added 905. is on the weaker side. is an eye subscription service
9:21 am
>> reporter: a lot we are seen as out market. gold the 50 year
9:22 am
mortgage images starting a career. --15 here >> reporter: utility stocks if
9:23 am
you're really upset and worried look at lower at safer. we'll be right back
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>> reporter: commuters could have one less option come tomorrow the transit strike is expected in the north bay. the giants are one win away from investing to the world series.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> reporter: mostly sunny skies we are driving on the bay area. images are mainly in the '60s and '70s predominantly in the north bay.
9:30 am
>> reporter: we continue to monitor released so ride here the trappings of the backed up here the reason that the late is because of accident is still
9:31 am
backed up sourly from an all polygons and henry built. is backing up the fight any ride. >> reporter: will lead a march in this man accused of kidnapping a 14 year-old girl is under arrest. they arrested him on wednesday and that is what they found the 14 year-old girl
9:32 am
>> reporter: santa and the kron 4 no that time for latest information about the developing case. >> reporter: a bit to muleheaded tomorrow as was drivers from the golden gate tide the workers a strike tomorrow will they be brought into our people--to mar.
9:33 am
>> reporter: will have to scramble to find other ways to get to work for the 50 members are on the golden gate transit. this to be that third strike in a month's time. this will be bus services dispatchers and mechanics. because they are young in the budget of virginia said if they strike their honor the picket line
9:34 am
>> reporter: and is up to a union representative early this morning you want to give the public opinion as start for the not they will or will not strike tomorrow >> reporter: of another big win for the san francisco giants
9:35 am
they're on the world series. if the giants win tonight they will advance to the third world series in five years. again tonight is wanted and not for sure. >> reporter: the energy is here and i think we are going to do it. the team plays very clean
9:36 am
and concise there was a lead as the victory i know it. that cannot tolerate any sort of violence with the celebration. >> reporter: the punches were flying is that at&t park the was a little bit of by this is defense a fight had recall was in caramels and giants fans. two groups of fans had nothing to do with an anti protest. will have
9:37 am
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the bay bridge is backed up solidly pull apart the maze. is backed up beyond the children's hospital. >> darya: the first dallas nurse contracted ebola after treating infected iberian man is they move from texas to a specialized medical center in maryland. she is and the
9:41 am
condition. the public's response to the ebola outbreak. additionally are working with cdc that want to track down
9:42 am
properly track down a man--in part because young girls.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> reporter: it closed down 173 a rebound in the afternoon. .
9:46 am
we wanted to look at weather and traffic. you notice there is some high clouds pushing in today we're focusing on the '70s. 64 and 72 for not of the
9:47 am
giants are heading to the game against the cardinal at at&t park we will see to what is in the low 60s as we hit first pitch. his seven day round of a forecast drive in this is for the weekend for the most part ride was the back on monday. >> reporter: one person we know is seriously hurt in an accident police responded to the
9:48 am
scene we don't know if there's any traffic to this point. this is what to not call commuter route is a serious crash got the attention of the authorities there. we are however looking at a number of hot spots. that is on the east shore freeway. >> reporter: the commute is still 50 minutes through the corridor from to 38 down to 237 calling north interstate 280. a
9:49 am
last look at the bridge is our is still remembered that stance is to remain the backed up at the bay bridge. highway 92 and san mateo bridge is just beginning to improve 80 minutes the drive times for your trip to the golden gate bridge problem free all morning long but there's still sluggish traffic on the span. a man is accused of the and partly touching of a young girl at target and wal- mart store monday night. police are piecing together clues to track down the man. >> reporter: this said this man dressed in black played on a
9:50 am
young girl 10 years old at the wal-mart storet. said he was with her mother-that she was with her mother when the two separated from the mother there were confronted by a man and another i'll said that he took the--test the victim in a propellant she screamed and he was able to get out of the store a mile away you can see the man as a target at the center where he struck again in that case he came to the store there was a mother and young daughter inside the store shopping at the time to the to look into different things on to the aisles and she was approached by the same man confirm through video surveillance. he grabbed her as well an essential matter. the video shows a man carrying out of the store as the victors as-the
9:51 am
victim's mother confront him. if you knows not ride is in for help get the attention of responsible adults and get yourself to safety as quickly as possible. >> reporter: police say they believe the man works in retail investigators are looking at a possibility if he is a registered sex offender. >> reporter: the first recall covers nearly four and 7000 jeep grand cherokees and is the three hundreds died chargers and bring those. the alternators and fell cause an engine to stall unexpectedly. what can get into
9:52 am
the hit power in that cause a short--shortage. same-sex marriage is now legal in the state of idaho. the county clerk their rent and the preparation between a bride and groom and spouse to spas. have never had such a feeling of happiness and love and joy in my entire life. a kid on to excited. coming up on the kron 4 morning news were when have a final check on the hearing on the ebola outbreak that is happening
9:53 am
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>> reporter: the ebola outbreak in the u.s. response to listen for a couple seconds. no doubt that was on selling to a community that was concerned and confused we have learned from that experience as well last week end a nurse a member of our house the family will created a secure environment was also diagnosed with ebola our team is doing everything possible to help her win that fight and onto the air- conditioned was upgraded from good heart care continues to evolve i continue the present
9:57 am
the and tire texas health system r with our web been notified that second check there was guy knows what ebola a lot is being said about what mayor may not occurred to cause nina and amber to contract ebola we know that they're both extremely scared we don't yet know precisely how or when they were infected. >> reporter: stay connected all day with crime and our web site is so much for joining us here at kron 4 morning news will be back tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m..
9:58 am
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>> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." she claims her husband kidnapped her kids. >> he has no right to keep them from me. >> announcer: she hasn't seen them in 46 years. >> dr. phil: two of her long lost children are here. >> announcer: but this reunion -- >> dr. phil: she remembers you beating her. >> i have never touched her. >> announcer: brings painful memories. >> i remember him sticking with with pins. >> whoever told you that is a liar. >> i remember it. how could it be a lie? >> dr. phil: let's do it. >> have a good show, everybody. here we go. >> this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, dr. phil. >> i'm trying to be an emotional compass and point you in the right direction. >> i'm not giving up on you. >> go dr. phil! [cheers & applause]


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